Be a Change Leader

Bored with lectures? - So are we! Invest in a day of interactive learning that prepares you to take actionable steps in improving your organization’s patient safety culture. This one of a kind, hands-on workshop, offers vital and practical information in a fast paced, TED-talk format. Learn through simulation how to operationalize concepts and principles that can be applied in a practical manner. Develop a customized patient safety plan for your organization that can be applied to reduce preventable clinical errors.

You’ll receive:

  • Patient Safety workbook featuring electronic tools, exercises and resources for guidance on next steps
  • Development of a customized Patient Safety Plan
  • Illustrated EMS Patient Safety road map to guide your agency
  • 5.5 CEUs

At the end of this seminar, attendees will be able to:

  1. Describe the importance of improving safety culture and how to lead an organization focused on patient safety
  2. Interpret EMS safety culture assessment data and know how to take actionable next steps
  3. Develop a patient safety plan to improve outcomes
  4. Identify common safety culture barriers and how to apply simulation learning for improvements.
  5. Generate practical steps in using simulation to reduce preventable patient harm at your agency