What IT needs are required to administer the survey?

There are minimum recommended system requirements and web browser configurations. Both are minimal but necessary to access the survey. We'll work with you and your IT staff to ensure functionality before the survey starts.

How much time is required to administer the survey?

CPS handles most of the workload. There are a few criteria, but in total, only about 4-8 hours of your time is needed over the course of the survey period is expected. 

How long does the survey period last?

We recommend the survey cycle run for four weeks, however, if survey responses are low in one department or facility, the close date can be extended. If 100% participation is achieved before the end of the survey period, we can close the survey early to expedite report processing.

How is the survey distributed to you?

CPS provides you with a custom URL or URLs to use on any computer or mobile device.  The link can be placed on your intranet, distributed via email, displayed on posters, etc. We also offer sending the link directly to employees via email.

What support is provided after the survey period?
  1. Your success is important to us. A call is scheduled with your team after we have provided you with all feedback reports. The call agenda is to: identify successes and opportunities for improvement, identify causal factors, and next steps to use the results.

  2. Depending on which plan you select, additional support can be added to your contract, including onsite training and education, and/or bi-weekly and monthly consultation calls to promote action and retain focus.

Is your raw data available after the survey?

CPS’s experts review every incoming survey response manually and electronically for discrepancies, duplicates, blanks, and "quick" responses. If a survey respondent chooses all 5s or all 1s, they are not likely reading the questions, since many are reverse-worded, and leaving these responses in can negatively impact your organization's overall results.

How often should you administer the survey to your staff?

AHRQ recommends administering the survey every 12-18 months.

Are comparative results included in the results?

CPS uses AHRQ's most current comparative database for percentile rankings for surveys in hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies, nursing homes, and ambulatory surgery centers. For the home care and EMS survey, CPS maintains and incorporates its own benchmarks.

Is CPS’s pricing reasonable?

Yes, CPS intentionally makes the survey affordable for everyone to encourage participation. We also offer special rates to partnering organizations.

Will your results be shown with historical trends?

CPS provides historical trends on all reports.  Even if you didn't use CPS services in the past, just send us a data file or PDF of your previous results and we will upload them for incorporation into the reports we provide.

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“CPS has been easy to work with. The detailed reports reduced the hours we spent manipulating and analyzing data. With the presentation and anonymity of the survey, employees felt they could be truthful with their comments, and we feel we are hearing the voice of everyone in the organization.”


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